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I was introduced to DZone not too long ago and it has now become my #1 resource for reading about the latest programming news.

I noticed a trend of the types of websites that are submitted to DZone and after reading 10 Ways to get an Article on DZone, I thought I would expand upon this and add 10 more ways to get an Article on DZone.

10. Interviewing Stories with Google

Everybody (including myself) probably wants to work for Google given the numerous benefits their employees enjoy. Does reading about the interview process provide a way to beat the system by knowing what to expect?

Sample Submissions:

9. Cartoons that Appeal to Geek Humor

You can’t take life too seriously and not everything you read should be either. The funniest cartoon will be one that leaves non-programmers saying “I don’t get it.”

Sample Submissions:

8. Cheat Sheets & Reference Guides

When you don’t feel like looking through documentation or Googling for a particular solution, cheat sheets and reference guides are a useful tool.

Sample Submissions:

7. Stories about Java

DZone has a large Java following courtesy of JavaLobby.org. Although more and more developers of other languages are using DZone, Java stories tend to carry some weight.

Sample Submissions:

6. Free Books

Yes, free as in beer. Programming books aren’t cheap and it is great when you can find a free alternative.

Sample Submissions:

5. Stories about DZone

Heavy users of DZone are quick to point out DZone’s flaws and offer suggestions for improvement. I’m sure DZone also appreciates the feedback.

Sample Submissions:

4. Good and Bad Programmers

Like bad singers on American Idol, bad programmers apparently cannot tell for themselves that they shouldn’t be programming.

Sample Submissions:

3. Version Control Systems

Requirements are never static and it only takes one time that you need to rollback changes on your code.

Sample Submissions:

2. Programming Life

Programmers want to know what others are up to in the field, particularly how to grow professionally and what mistakes to avoid.

Sample Submissions:

1. Ask Questions

Social networking tends to attract the following people: those who have a lot to say and those who want to say more. Is there a better way to bring these two groups together?

Sample Submissions:

Update (12/11/2009): Added links to original content.

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