9 Useful Websites for Thematic Child Theme Development

You’ve may have noticed a design change here at RepeatGeek, if you’ve visited before. I have been exploring different WordPress frameworks to build my website around and I finally decided upon Thematic.

My decision to go with Thematic was that it is extensible, stable, SEO optimized, easily configurable and most importantly FREE.

In developing my child theme, I thought I would share some resources that I found useful.

A Guide to Thematic – ThemeShaper


This is a wiki from the Thematic creator Ian Stewart that seems a little incomplete, but does contain some useful code snippets.

The Old Busted Guide – ThemeShaper


Before there was the wiki there was the old busted guide. This is still useful because it contains some examples not found in the wiki. Until these are moved over to the wiki, the old busted guide will remain relevant.

How To Create a WordPress Theme: The Ultimate WordPress Theme Tutorial – ThemeShaper

Also from the creator of the Thematic theme is an 11 part tutorial that walks you through the creation of a child theme.

Thematic Page Structure – Blue Mandala


This diagram outlines most of the areas of thematic that you can customize and style. You will want to print this one out.

Build a WordPress theme with Thematic – Wynn Netherland


Wynn Netherland put together a good tutorial to get you started with setting up your WordPress environment with Thematic.

Useful Thematic Filters – WordPress Theming


A collection of several useful code snippets for adding filters and actions within Thematic.

How to Create Your Own WordPress Theme in Just 3 Hours – Matteo Stagi


Matteo Stagi has a multi-part tutorial that walks you through the customization of a Thematic WordPress child theme from scratch.

So You Want To Create WordPress Themes Huh? – Spicy Web Design


The Spicy Chef has an 11 part (10 Official parts and 1 Unofficial part) tutorial on creating a Thematic child theme from scratch.

ThemeShaper Forums – ThemeShaper


If all of your questions cannot be answered via tutorials and websites I listed above, there is always the free support forums at ThemeShaper.

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